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I love this place!! Everyone is so nice and welcoming. Even after I have gotten my braces off they are still always checking up on me and I am happy that my smile is now the way it is all because of this place! Oh and also the cookies are amazing!!!!!!

Baarsvik Orthodontics is amazing!! Everyone there is so nice and helpful. :)

Baarsvik Orthodontics is an awesome family-friendly place. Once you check in they have a nice gaming section for the kids, a coffee and tea section for the parents, AND at the end of your appointments you can grab some nice warm cookies that are the BEST! During your appointment the dentists and orthodontists help you make your smile even better, they do this by making sure you are not in any pain with your braces, wires, brackets, etc.., and if you are in pain then they will immediately help you find comfort. If you are low on supplies for your braces they always have extra supplies, so you don't have to worry about that. On top of that, the dentists, orthodontists, and receptionists are super nice and kind, they always make sure you have a beautiful smile on your face! This place is truly amazing because they have so many cool contests which you can win really nice things for the family and yourself. For the holidays, Baarsvik Orthodontics go all out and they make the dentist so festive with everybody dressing up, and having outstanding decorations. Overall I would highly recommend Baarsvik Orthodontics to anybody because its a truly amazing place!

Baarsvik has made me feel at home and at ease after undergoing treatment elsewhere. They made the transfer easy and were very welcoming and knowledgeable. Staff is amazing!!